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ILFH Kids Modelling Academy is dedicated to building and developing kids to become outstanding leaders in the modeling industry. We make our experience count in equipping kids with the knowledge, substantial enough to bring out the best in them. The selfless attitude of our experts in different fields makes it possible for our academy to produce graduates well-equipped to stand-out as professionals in the future.Our strong foundation aids our persistent and significant contribution to the modeling industry as regarding the production of high potential graduates capable of taking the industry to the next level.

To a non-specialist, modeling is just walking with style, but to ILFH Kid Modelling Academy, modell ingrequires a lot of training to make you understand the difference. With the help of our professionals, we believe our training will go a long way to shape kids to be an experience modelling personnel able to show the world what differentiate modelling from walking. At ILFH Kids Modelling Academy, our ultimate goal is to help every kid realize their hidden potential and personality. From self-image, temperament, courage to confidence through intensive practice and learning.

What makes us unique among other academies are having qualified professional trainers in different fields with many years of experience, and they are passionate about teaching our children Confidence and Modelling Course that helps them become sought-after professionals in the future. Our confidence and model trainingteam include: Professional fashion models, Professional image consultants,Professional make-up artists, Modern etiquette and communication expert &Professional photographer etc.

Does the above align with your career goal? If yes, saddle ILFH Kids Modelling Academy with the responsibility to make your dream comes true. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more and join our growing community.

From fundamentals to professionals.

When learning something new, it is extremely important tounderstand the basics before going further. First and foremost, we provide kidswith preliminary knowledge, introducing to them the fundamental and elementaryconcepts they need to know. To begin with the need to understand your bodymechanics, engage kids in the practice of proper standing, differentiate betweengood posture and bad posture. Students will be put through the followingtraining under the basic course; walking and posture, movement techniques, bodyawareness and control, hands and feet placement, and body balance.

Once students learned the basic knowledge, they will be moving to the next phase to learn the relationship between different music and the way they ought to walk to match with the tune and beats of the music. They willalso be learning basic walking, pose, strike a pose, turns, deportment and model etiquette.

Our professional trainers will put students through a series of training directed at understanding what Runway implies and how to use it to demonstrate clothing and accessories during fashion shows. To become a professional model,students need to know casting tips and their application. Students will learn a bout various casting tips and how to stand out in casting. The confidence to deliver a speech and communicates confidently also helps a model to have a successful career.

Throughout the program, students will learn different types of modeling from the runway, editorial to commercial. This program aims to prepare youth who want to become a professional model and have a career in modeling.

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